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Women in Leadership La Porte County 2016 Scholarship Recipient is Layni Sprouse

I'm proud to introduce you to Women In Leadership of La Porte County (WILL)! Your investment in WILL provides a platform for unlocking your potential, connecting with peers, and unlimited valuable resources to help in your leadership growth.

In the early 1980s, the Women In Management organization was created with a dedication to the process of developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and cultivating new opportunities through networking. The community embraced its mission and the membership continued to grow. With a strong membership base in 2008, the Board of Directors decided to move the organization to the next level and reinvent us as Women In Leadership. We will consistently strive to create an environment for personal and professional growth through utilizing our resources as a community leader in enlightening and empowering women.

We are an amazing group of professional women who offer incredible examples of balancing our careers, family, faith, and community service. Our membership shares a commitment for excellence while offering encouragement, inspiration, mentorship and friendship. We create business development opportunities through our extensive network of women leaders to take our businesses to the next level of success. WILL also strives to positively impact our community by leading the transformation of public policy on issues that affect women.

We offer many online tools to create an interactive web experience to compliment our bi-monthly meetings and special events.

Serving as President is truly an honor. We invite you to join Women In Leadership. Visit one of our events to experience first hand the resources and expertise WILL members have available to them. In the meantime, please visit us at www.women-in-leadership.com where we offer extensive information about WILL. Feel free to email us at board@women-in-leadership.com with any questions you may have. Hope to see you soon!

Nancy Nelson-Taylor, President
Women In Leadership

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Nancy Nelson-Taylor, President
Women In Leadership

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WILL's 2016 $500 Scholarship Recipient

Women in Leadership La Porte County's $500 college scholarship has been awarded to Layni Sprouse, a 2016 graduate of La Porte High School.

Layni maintained a 3.78 grade average and showed exemplary leadership skills in her extra-curricular activities. Her activities included the La Porte High School Marching Band, Winter Guard, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Dance, National Honor Society, FYI Club, and Postponing Sexual Involvement.

Although Layni's grades were an important asset for her selection, her essay distinguished her above and apart from the other applicants. WILL requires a 500-word essay regarding the applicant's leadership skills and how those learned skills will benefit the applicant with respect to future educational experiences, career goals, and the community.

The Scholarship Committee was highly impressed with Layni's essay entitled "A Woman of Leadership." She eloquently told of her dreams and plans for success, problem solving and leadership skills, and how she will incorporate that knowledge into her future endeavors. Layni wrote about "being able to have a vision and see the bigger picture." She also wrote, "I keep the bigger picture of where I want to be in sight at all times; it is the greatest form of motivation."

Layni has set her future visions high. She will be attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, majoring in Political Science. Her long-term goal after completing her undergraduate degree is to complete Law School and to ultimately become a corporate lawyer.

"It was during my junior year in Mrs. Wireman's current events class that really sparked my interests," said Layni. "We discussed and debated various issues such as capital punishment, gay rights, the news, etc. It triggered something in me; it was exciting, really. And I loved government class . . . learning how our country was born."

Layni is grateful for the belief to which her parents held her and her siblings: that during their school years, their education was the top priority. "Mom always said that school was our 'job.' It was never said that we had to go to college, but we had to do our best and fulfill any commitments we made."

Layni's parents are John and Dawn Sprouse of La Porte.

WILL is honored to have Layni as this year's scholarship recipient. Her academic and leadership successes speak highly of her character and embody the attributes for which the organization stands.

Scholarship Recipient